piglets in the hay

Would you like to know where my next shelter session or workshop is, or some quick tips and tricks or tips for your next shoot?  Or even just a weekly […]

Madeline Island Ferry’s 1st Run of the Season!

photos of the ferry leaving Bayfield

The first run of the season for the Madeline Island Ferry started this morning at about 9:30am. It seemed like a relatively quick run, even though the ice is still […]

Ice Break Up on Lake Superior and the Madeline Island Wind Sled

madeline island wind sled 2

60% of Lake Superior is still covered by ice and it’s mid April! Today was almost 70 degrees, so I headed out in the morning for a few photos of […]

Doggy in the sun – and some Chicago & Madison sessions.


I went to Fort Worth, TX for some shoots a few weeks ago, and I got this great series of a doggy soaking up the rays. I am excited that […]

How to Make B&W’s in Lightroom


Had a great Google+ Hangout last week Thursday (other than having to re-boot due to the snowstorm…) about how to do simple b&w conversions in Lightroom. The part about adding […]

Adding detail to fur – video tutorial


I’m starting to do some photo tutorials on Google Hangouts over on Google+ (join me there if you’re on it), and I did a practice session today by recording a […]

Please stop comparing yourself to others. Seriously.

How to stop comparing yourself to others

This is a PSA from a fellow creative – please stop comparing yourself to others. It does you no good, and actually makes your productivity and creativity suffer.  This great […]

Wiki from Firestar has lots to say!

Wiki from Firestar Kennel

This is Wiki from Firestar – and he has lots to say.  Actually, I think all of the huskies I’ve met this year have a lot to say!  Wiki Talks […]

Zulu likes to jump snowbanks!

dog available for adoption in WI

Zulu is a sweetie at Catkins who is full of energy! She loves to play – and she REALLY loves to see Laura fall in a snowbank …  Zulu will […]

10% to the Jim Fund!

Jim Fund at Catkins Animal Rescue

The Jim Fund, named after my late husband, Jim Hudson, provides, among other things, assistance for victims of domestic violence and their pets. I am so happy that his name […]