photos of a GSP

Chester the GSP

photos of a GSP

Chester is one of the most expressive German Shorthair Pointers I have met. Mostly he expressed to us that we were being silly humans, and that he would just appreciate it if we would hand over the promised treats.  Enjoy the photos – and you may see that they have an announcement in one of them ;).  Bonus points to anyone who picks it out!

German shorthair puppy






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  1. Crystal K says:

    That’s my little guy!! :-)

  2. Jami says:

    CUTE! Chester will have a playmate!

  3. Terri C says:

    Chester is so cute! I’m owned by a GSP. :-) Beautiful photos! Congrats to the expectant parents!

  4. Valerie Crissman says:

    Love these shots, this breed is so very full of energy. Congrats to the expecting couple!!

  5. Christy says:


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