photos of ice caves

The Beautiful Ice Caves of Lake Superior

Near Bayfield we have one of the most amazing places on earth – the ice caves on Lake Superior in the Apostle Islands National Lake Shore.  I have been there now two days in a row, and my body hurts from the trek, but it is a good hurt :).

On Friday I went out with my friend Molly – you can see she is quite the bundled up winter photographer :).  We got some great shots both in the shadows, and when the sun came out.  She even spotted an awesome snowflake on her Canon.  Love it!

photos of the Bayfield ice caves
winter gear for photographers
photos of ice caves
photos of ice caves near Bayfield
photos of ice caves
photos of the ice caves on Lake Superior

On Saturday I went again – this time with Al, my sister Molly, and Joe.  The caves have not been open since 2009, so the mad rush was on this weekend to see them.  I’ve never actually seen as many cars as I did yesterday when we were leaving the parking lot to get home.  It was definitely well controlled chaos thanks to the Park Service.  My sister did decide to climb under the caves, which kind of creeped me out, but it was fun!

ice caves near Bayfield

Bayfield ice caves

To keep up on the latest Ice Cave conditions – check out the NPS website, and be mindful that this is not an easy hike.  It’s not far, but it is over snow and ice and uneven terrain.  Always check the Ice Line before venturing out:  (715) 779-3397 extension 3.  Have a blast and keep safe!

 Prints are available here:  Photos of Bayfield, Madeline Island, and Lake Superior.

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